I am living my dream, and I want to share all of this abundance with you, my family, friends and the wider community because we all deserve to surround ourselves with the beauty all around us, to connect with the healing power of Mother Nature and to live this life JOYFULLY.

My name is Elisa, and I am a flower farmer, florist, flower essence practitioner and a proud, happy mother of two wonderful boys.

I was blessed to have been born in Colombia, a beautiful country with the most heart-centered and hospitable people I’ve known and a wide variety of FLOWERS!

Orchids, roses, hibiscus, bougainvilleas and so many other beautiful flowers grow and blossom year-round there. I grew up playing around them and incorporating them as centerpieces for my tea parties with my friends and dolls while drinking in their fragrance and powerful healing gifts.

My dad loved to garden. I have vivid memories of watching him as if in a trance while he carefully removed, one by one, old dead leaves from his beloved azalea bushes in our backyard.

This was my first life lesson in “loving presence, patience and reverence.” I learned so much more from my father, but his love for the earth and his flowers is what has guided me and kept me centered even through difficult times.

I have dreamed of becoming a farmer for many years. When I found myself needing to re-route my career path— after being a microbiologist, a stay-at-home mom a Waldorf teacher and lastly a single mother— I decided to take the plunge and follow my heart, while being able to stay close to home and still be able to provide a loving, caring presence for my boys.

I have confirmation that I am on the right path when I grow flowers, cultivate the soil and slow down just enough to observe the everyday miracles happening right before my eyes. It’s a miracle to be able to watch a little, tiny sprout break through the darkness of the soil and so courageously stand tall and reach towards the light.

I find soul courage when I hear the house finches and mountain chickadees singing at the farm and watch the butterflies and the bees happily fleeting from one flower to the other. I am over the moon excited to be able to provide a safe haven for them, to provide them with what they rightfully deserve: a pesticide-free environment, a gourmet pollen and nectar “all you can eat
buffet” and a lot of loving, healing energy flowing from my heart to them.

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